Charles Fish Investments manages high-net-worth individual's municipal bond portfolios. Their CEO, Charles "Skip" Fish is a history buff and has a collection of original bonds for premiere building projects, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and City Hall in San Francisco. We decided to use these interests as way of pulling together our visual marketing plan as well as adding a sense of purpose.


The various pieces developed over many years and as the level of trust between the designer and client grows, so does the level of creativity and interest and connection. Recently, Mr. Fish made the decision to expand his offices, so it opens a new door for design and branding. We've updated the logo slightly from our version that was done years ago and modernized the font choices and colors.


TC TWO, design, photography, social media, inbound, outbound

Melissa Rigler

Southern California

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The voice of your business is unique to you. Telling that story correctly, both  visually and with dialogue is important. Your brand should be consistent - whether it be in print, on line or through social media. It should even be reflected through the design of your workplace. We can help you do all that.



Southern California




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