The Bugman is a family-owned extermination and pest control business with strong community ties. Their long-standing bi-line is "It's a great day at the bugman!" The brand is friendly with a colorful blue and yellow palette, and their business emphasis is teamwork and customer service.


After a designing print materials such as door hangers and sales brochures for Brian Olson, the bugman CEO, we both took a leap into vehicle wraps. They're proved to be a huge success in identifying his business through his trucks which are on the road constantly. They act as a moving billboard. We are taking this a step further this year as we work designs for the outside windows on his corporate building that faces a major freeway. Brian is open to new ideas, which makes it a great journey for both of us.


TC TWO, design, photography, social media, inbound, outbound

Melissa Rigler

Southern California

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The voice of your business is unique to you. Telling that story correctly, both  visually and with dialogue is important. Your brand should be consistent - whether it be in print, on line or through social media. It should even be reflected through the design of your workplace. We can help you do all that.



Southern California




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